Samsung Omnia i910

The Omnia i910 is one of the latest touch screen phones released by Samsung and is now supported by the Verizon Network in the United States.

The reason I created this site is simple: I'm an Omnia i910 owner.

While searching around for new and cool things to do with my Omnia i910 I quickly realized that the internet is saturated with websites that have information about the International version of this phone (The Samsung Omnia i900). However, I could not find a single site dedicated to i910 phone.

Omnia i910 vs Omnia i900

The biggest difference between the Omnia i910 & i900 is software compatibility. There are dozens of sites, blogs and community forums that boast i900 software. They are great resources, but, a lot of the software originally developed, hacked, and put together for the i900 does not always work in the Omnia i910. Installing these applications in your i910 may potentially damage your phone.

Omnia i910 Software

Omnia i910If you look around the Samsung Omnia forums you'll soon notice that many people have managed to turn their phones into "bricks" simply by testing out unsupported roms and applications. One of the purposes of this site is to provide you with compatible Omnia i910 software. As I find and test out applications that are designed to work on the Omnia i910 platform I will make them available in this site. I will also provide you with installation instructions and screen shots.

If there's a particular application you have a question about please do not hesitate to contact me or leave me a comment at one of my post. I'm very interested in getting feedback from other Omnia i910 owners who want to share their insight on applications not listed on this site.

Omnia i910 Downloads

The first mission of this site is to make Omnia i910 downloads avaliable to you. Wallpapers, screen savers, mods, apps, roms, widgets and other Omnia i910 downloads will be posted as soon as I test and review them. Check out the downloads section by clicking on "Omnia i910 Downloads" in the top menu of this site.